The "No-VOC" advantage.

The use of VOCs and other solvents has often been used as a "shortcut" in our industry. After all, why not make a product that doesn't require harmful solvents to "cut" it and keep it viscous? Why give the customer a cheap can full of solvents with only a little bit of usable product in the bottom? Why deal with flamibility and other issues that come with rust inhibitors and lubricant that are solvent/ VOC based? 

Since Krown begainin 1986 our Rust Inhibitor, Penetrant and Chain Lube have never contained solvents and specifically VOCs. We are proud to deliver premium quality products and outstanding value by offering products that are solvent/ VOC free. Here are some of the advantages to choosing Krown:


Governmental regulations have been put in place to reduce VOCs in consumer products because it has been recognized globally that VOCs contributre to harmful smog and greenhouse gasses. Since Krown's products contain no VOCs, users of Krown have the peace of mind of knowing they are making good choices for the environment.


A solvent/VOC-free formula like Krown leads to more "usable" product in every can compared to solvent-based formulas.


Our products don't flash off or dry off, they remain on the surface, providing lasting protection.


Choosing Krown's VOC-free products contributes to better air quality in homes, vehicles, and workplaces.




Why are VOCs used?

For many years, VOCs have been the preferred method of delivery for a variety of products. VOCs are a cheap way to "cut" a thicker product allowing it to stay viscous as it is applied. VOCs naturally evaporate leaving behind the active product on the surface. Despite the harm to air quaity both in the work place and in our homes, VOCs have been used in a variety of different maintenance products by many of the largest brands in the world.

Looking to switch to a healthier, more environmentally friendly product? Krown offers great value and premium quality across our entire product line. Choose Krown as your VOC-free solution for rust protection, lubrication, and maintenance products.